dwellinussmI’m happy to make available for free some of my congregational, choral, and instrumental compositions. (For free audio, check the other pages of my site!) PDFs are available to download below. There is no cost for these, not even a “donate” button — but if you do download a piece and plan to use it, I would appreciate it if you let me know.  If you desire some supporting materials, like extracted parts or worship aid reprints, please contact me as well, and I will assist you if I am able. Check back soon for new additions!


Congregational Pieces:

A Bow in the Heavens – A new hymn of inclusion, offering to all those around us what was denied Christ during his earthly lifetime.  SATB choir, piano, and C instrument.

— Already, Not Yet – A reflection on the “in-between” time we are in, following Christ’s resurrection but before his second coming.  SAB choir, piano, guitar, and one instrument.

— Anima Christi – An english translation of the Latin prayer on the eucharist. SATB choir, piano, guitar, and one instrument.

Christ is Present – A contemporary hymn of social justice being more than words, but action as well.  Melody with two harmony lines, piano and C instrument.

— Common Ground – A hymn focusing on the unity we share in the land we walk on, in our very selves, and in the whole of creation. SATB choir, piano, guitar, and one instrument.

Dismissal of the Catechumens – A call-and-response dismissal for use during Sunday mass when those in the RCIA process depart for their own reflection and study.

— Dwell in Us – Written for the baptism of Aiden Cerneka, the piece merges the familiar Prayer of St. Francis and 2 Cor. 12:7-10, using the tune popularly known as The Salley Gardens. Unison choir, piano, guitar, and one instrument.

— I Make All Things New – Available in two settings: fast and slow.  Each is set for melody and two or three harmony parts, piano, guitar, and one instrument part.  Text from the Book of Revelation.

It Would Have Been Enough – Based on the Hebrew “Dayenu” prayer, a communion hymn written for my Godson Noah’s first communion some years ago.

Let Us Meet the Christ – A communion hymn, contemplating the presence of Christ, the Wounded Healer, in our own brokenness and scars.

Make a Home Now – A Christmastime piece with the tune AURELIA. SAB choir with piano and flute.

— Make the Crooked Way Straight – A Gospel-style ostinato (with verses) for Advent.  SATB choir with solo voice and piano.

— Only Love – Conceived as a litany for weddings, as especially when the couple has chosen to include a unity candle as part of the rite.  SAB choir, piano, guitar, and one c-instrument.

— Our Father (2013) – A setting of the Lord’s Prayer intended for Catholic worship.  Very well received and sung at my parish.  Two-part choir (men/women) with piano, guitar, and one instrument part.

The One Who Watches O’er Us – A hymn written in early 2020 at the beginning of the COVID lockdown, during lent, to the tune of “O Sacred Head.”

To Rise With You – A Lenten hymn, written to become also a choral quodlibet (with different texts) with Jesus Christ is Ris’n Today (EASTER HYMN), as a way to connect the two related seasons.

We Shall Be Changed – Setting of Paul’s familiar epistle, appropriate for funerals, all souls, etc. Melody with 3 part harmony, piano, guitar, and c instrument.

We Will Rise – An original Easter hymn written with my friend Shannon Cerneka during the COVID pandemic in 2020.

Welcome Home – Written with both the pandemic and my church-of-employ’s renovation completion in mind, especially in terms of its text (inspired by Ps. 84).  Scored for SAB choir, piano, guitar, and C instrument.  


Congregational Mass Settings:

Ever Ancient, Ever New – Used at The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows for the first year of the new missal translation implementation. SAB with piano/organ, guitar, solo instruments. In addition to the typical “service music” components, this setting also includes the liturgical greetings and dialogues, all woven together by common musical elements.

Mass of Exultation – A “contemporary” sound, scored for melody with two harmony parts, in lead-sheet format. Some use of call and response in a high-energy style.


Choral Pieces:

— An Old Irish Blessing – Probably not the text you’re thinking of; rather, a silly little piece for SATB choir (with divisi).

Christians, Awake – A Christmas piece, comparing the overly-romanticized stillness and calm on the nativity to the activity and excitement sharing the Good News calls us to. SATB with piano and c instruments.

Four Sacred Rounds – Patterned after the “Non Nobis Domine” attributed to Byrd, these are four separate three-part rounds, for Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.

Grieve With Us – A lament based on the Seven Sorrows of Mary, for SATB a cappella with optional assembly refrain.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear – My simple arrangement of the Christmas carol for the SLCC for their 2008 Christmas Concert; also on their 2011 recording “Christmas from St. Louis.”  Listen to it on my “…And More” page.

The One Who Began – Based on Phillipians 1:6, for SATB with piano and flute, written for my wife’s graduation class from Aquinas Institute of Theology.

What Wondrous Love – A two-part arrangement of the familiar hymn, chromatic and “folksy” in style, piano and/or guitar accompaniment. 


Instrumental Pieces:

Two Pieces for Holy Week:
— Charity and – Piano, Flute, Clarinet, and Violin – a “mash-up” of the Ubi Caritas chant melody and “Where Charity and Love Prevail.”
— Were You There – Flute, Clarinet, and Violin – can stand alone or could support the assembly singing this familiar hymn.