A Collection of Mostly Vintage Apple Computer and Macintosh Stuffs

One day in 1998, at a yard sale, I stumbled upon a Mac 512K and an ImageWriter printer priced at $25 (they didn’t know what they had), and while I had already been a lifelong Apple user, it was there that my love of collecting Apple products began.

The collection slowly but surely grew over time: some very few items I have sought out specifically for the it; most, though, I have discovered via occasional Craigslist and Ebay searches, some via lucky thrift store fines, and some have just been gifted to me by friends who know of my little hobby.

My wife, when we moved into our current house in 2010, suggested I turn a small room on the third floor into the home for my ever-growing collection.

Here you can view a PDF catalogue (links elsewhere) that I have put together with some detailed itemizations (names, photos, links with further info) of the various treasures found inside what we lovingly call my “Apple Chapel.” This catalog is perpetually a work in progress — because the Apple Chapel is too — so come back soon for further updates. For now, enjoy, and thanks for visiting!

Above, the fish-eye lens view of the Apple Chapel from its entrance.

View the full Apple Chapel Catalogue (v1.4.1):
Full Resolution PDF 117.9 MB
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Lower Quality PDF 1.5 MB

Below, view a few little highlights of the collection.