makehomenowWelcome to the page for my song “Make a Home Now.” Just below you can watch the video for the song or listen to the track via soundcloud, and below that, you can download the score for free, and find other helpful files and links.

I’m happy to make the score available freely for use; if you do plan to use it, would you drop me a line and let me know? Thanks.

Download a pdf of the full score here.

For a PDF of the assembly version, click here.

For a lead-sheet version, or with any questions, contact me.

mahn-discussionguideMy Oddwalk friend Shannon has created a Discussion Guide for use with this video. You can download that by clicking this link.

The guide mentions a few websites/links. Here they are in order:

— CRS page on the crisis:

— Additional facts about the crisis:

— CRS video on the crisis:

fa_crs_logoFinally, here is a link to donate to CRS to support their ministries and services to refugees. Please be as generous as you are able.