I enjoy the compositional process; I enjoy it more when writing for specific groups, occasions, or goals. I’d be most happy to chat with you about any particular project or idea you have in mind, and how it can be enhanced with music custom-created for the occasion.

Previous commissions include: A hymn for a parish’s 150th anniversary celebrations, a choral piece for the Missouri Music Educators Association Conference, a jovial piece for a friend’s significant birthday, a full-length musical, a soundtrack for a short online feature, and several others.

My standard rates for composition and arranging services are compensation for time and talent, based on the length and complexity of any project. Each rate is per second of finished music, multiplied by the number of “lines” involved in the compositions. A line is typically one instrument (violin, trumpet, guitar, etc.). Some instruments, however, count as multiple lines: piano for instance, or a vocalist with lyrics and chords (“lead sheets”) would be two lines, and organ counts as three.

If your situation would benefit from another arrangement or negotiated rates, don’t hesitate to ask. Click here to view my sample commission agreement template.

Composition of Original Music
$1.25 per second, per line, and royalties mutually agreed upon for publication, performance, and distribution of the finished work. I retain copyright to all composed works, unless alternate arrangements are made. Negotiable rate for churches and other non-profits. Commission projects should be initiated at least two months ahead of the deadline for the work.

Arrangement of Existing Music
$0.75 per second, per line. Arranging projects should be initiated at least two months ahead of the deadline for the work.

Contact me anytime to start the discussion!

Terms and Conditions, unless alternate arrangements are made:
• All fees listed in USD. Non-refundable 50% deposit required to begin work.
• If projects include existing material, client must arrange for and provide proof of the written consent of any copyright holder of the work.
• Final work delivered upon completion of payment and/or establishment of payment schedule for long-term projects.
• Standard work-for-hire contracts are usually accepted.
• I am solely a composition/arranging/engraving service and do not provide printing or delivery services.
• Please note that I reserve the right to refuse work which promotes unlawful activity, discrimination against any person or group, or which contains explicit content.

Thanks to tonywardarts.com for letting me “borrow” much of the information and terms you see above!