My arrangement of “Lo Yisa Goy” was commissioned by Ben Silvermintz and Parkway Central High School’s Standard Time Vocal Jazz for the 2018 Missouri Music Educator’s Association Conference.

While is it under consideration for possible publication, I’m happy to make the score available for anyone who wishes to obtain it for performance. Editions available include full score, vocal-piano score, vocal score, and individual instrument parts. Other editions may be available upon request. Click here to see a preview of the full score.

Pricing is $1 per score needed for each singer and conductor — once paid, all parts will be shared as a PDF for the organization to print, and all editions and parts will be available for the one-time price. That is, if you have 15 singers and one director, a fee of $16 gets you every PDF you need for all singers, instrumentalists, and conductor, to print and copy on your own, to rehearse and perform the piece.

Please contact me to discuss details and make arrangements!