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Coming soon — Two sacred congregational pieces are presently “in the queue” with GIA for pending release in 2023 and beyond: “Psalm 92, Lord, It Is Good to Give Thanks to You” and “Psalm 42, Like a Deer that Longs for Running Streams, My Souls Longs for You, My God.” One choral/congregational piece is “in the queue” with OCP, “The Word Became Flesh.” A choral piece, “Oseh Shalom,” is “in the queue” with the ECS Publishing Group (Galaxy Music). A few other projects and possibilities are always in the works, so please check back soon for future updates!

wlpwlpAudio samples (via Soundcloud or YouTube), if available, are posted under each title. Score samples, if available, can be accessed via the icon with the music notes. Click on the publisher icon or the link with each title to visit the publisher’s webpage for that piece/songbook.


ocpwlpGIA, 2023, “Lord, Heal My Soul (Psalm 41)” — A simple congregational setting of Psalm 41 with gospel-style refrain and chanted verses. Scored for SATB with piano/guitar and C instrument.
ocpwlpGIA, 2023, “In You, O Lord” — A simple hymn of refuge and peace, based on the intimate words of Psalm 131. Scored for melody, harmony, and descant with piano/guitar and C instrument.
A demo of the piece for solo voice (me) with piano, guitar, and flute:

ocpwlpGIA, 2023, “Holy Mary, Pray for Us” — My arrangement of Shannon Cerneka‘s piece, a Marian litany with a refrain based on an old Gaelic melody. Verses include many titles for Mary, including some which are not very commonly heard.
A demo of the piece by the composer with his guitar:

ocpwlpGIA, 2022, “There is No Rose” — A modern setting of the familiar medieval text for SAB, keyboard, and c instrument; a sequential melody and a little musical quote of the hymn tune GLORIA make this a delightful Christmas piece in honor of Mary.
For now, a MIDI demo of the piece:

ocpwlpOCP, 2022, “Litany of the Saints” — This litany of the saints is specifically for use at the Easter Vigil mass (or for the rite of baptisms in general), and is crafted in a way which allows the piece to grow and blossom as it continues through its various sections. To aid this, several ancillary solo instrument parts are included – flute, violin, and clarinet – to supplement the keyboard and guitar accompaniments that support the SAB choir. The assembly either echoes the cantor or has only two simple melodies to learn, allowing them to quickly and fully enter into the ritual moment.

ocpwlpOCP, 2022, “Remembering Home” — Two profound songs of exile are paired in this moving anthem: the Latin text of Psalm 137, “Super flumina Babylonis,” which is the Israelites’ lament of their exile in Babylon, and the slavery-era spiritual Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child. Set in F minor, with poignant dissonances in the accompaniment that mirror the anguish of the lyrics, this will be especially appropriate during any season or service of lament with people who have suffered devastation, displacement, persecution, or oppression. Easily learned, hard to forget. Featured by OCP at the 2023 NPM convention, and an Editor’s Choir at J.W. Pepper.

ocpwlpGIA, 2022, “Heaven’s Glory Shatters Darkness” — An energetic Christmas piece for unison choir with descant and flute. Vigorous, pulsing rhythms and a brief litany with a congregational response borrowing from “Joy to the World.”
Two demos below: 1) Co-composer Shannon Cerneka on acoustic guitar and lead vocal, and 2) Finale (midi) output of the piece.

ocpwlpGIA, 2022, “Easter Entrance Antiphons” — A simple way to begin Eastertide liturgies without the fear of the beginning of mass becoming “top heavy” with music (entrance hymn, sprinkling rite, and gloria). Utilizes the familiar “O Filii et Filiae” Alleluias in a spirited, festive manner.
ocpwlpOCP, 2021, “Light of Christ, Burn Bright” — A collaboration with John Kyler which explores the sacramental life of the Church and the grace and dignity the sacraments bring to all the faithful. Pentatonic tune in a graceful and predictable 5/4 meter. Featured by OCP at the 2022 NPM convention, and an Editor’s Choice at J.W. Pepper.

Look for it in OCP’s Music Issue and Breaking Bread 2023, at #604!

ocpwlpGIA, 2021, “Watching for the Lord” — A mixed two-part choral piece for ascension or to match with scripture on the second-coming; have we Christians lost a sense of urgency to our missionary zeal, with the parousia so long in coming?
Listen to an instrumental arrangement, performed by me:

ocpGIA, 2020, “Living Waters – Let Mercy Flow” – A collection of seven pieces from me, Shannon Cerneka, and Kate Basi, debuted at NPM 2020 as a virtual convention event. Several below-listed pieces are included.
ocpwlpGIA, 2020 (2008), “We Will Go, Lord” – By me and Shannon Cerneka, a stand-alone octavo of a piece in the “Walk Away Different” collection (see below). Three part ostinato on discipleship and perseverance.

ocpwlpGIA, 2020, “His Light” – My arrangement of a piece by Shannon Cerneka, a congregational piece with text from the prologue of John’s Gospel, written for “Super” Sam Santhuff. Below link takes you to the guitar edition; full octavo also available.

ocpwlpOCP, 2020, “Who Could Love Me More Than You” – My arrangement of a piece by Shannon Cerneka, a congregational piece which is not only the prayer of a confident believer but perhaps to also the prayer of a person who, through sincere invocation, desires that God increase his or her modest faith.

wlpwlpWLP, 2019, “Psalm 116 – Our Blessing Cup” – A congregational psalm setting for Holy Thursday, for two cantors (male/female), SAB choir, piano, guitar, and three obbligato instruments.

wlpWLP, 2019, “Breath of Christ” – I have four tunes included in this hymnary from Alan Hommerding, with poetic texts ranging from the intellectually stimulating to the immediately practical for use throughout the liturgical year.

wlpwlpWLP, 2019, “Our Savior Has Come” – Composed with Shannon Cerneka, a four-part quodlibet for Christmas, for children’s choir or other voices, with piano, guitar, and hand percussion accompaniment.

slmSLM, 2019, Several dozen simple settings of daily mass psalms with metrical refrains and chanted verses available for purchase or via subscription at Simply Liturgical Music. Audio and score samples available via SLM as well.
wlpwlpWLP, 2018, “Fill Us, O God” – Composed with Shannon Cerneka, a contemporary, congregational hymn and litany appropriate for the season of Lent. Scored for melody, 2 harmony lines, piano and guitar. A finalist in the 2021 Association of Catholic Publishers Excellence in Publishing Awards, in the “Song of the Year” category.

wlpwlpWLP, 2018, “Psalm 22: My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me?” – A congregational (paraphrased) setting of the familiar responsorial psalm for Palm Sunday, featured in the WLP 2019 Sing the Seasons.

wlpwlpWLP, 2018, “Immaculate Mary: Concertato on LOURDES HYMN” – A festive and regal congregation-friendly arrangement of the familiar marian hymn for SATB chorus, organ, and brass quartet.

tmpwlpTMP, 2018, Hachnasat Orchim — A song of welcome in the collection “Chazak V’Ematz; Jewish Songs of Protest and Hope.”

ocpwlpWLP, 2018, “Praise the Lord Who Lifts Up the Poor (Psalm 113)” – A congregational responsorial psalm setting.

ocpwlpWLP, 2017, “God of the Covenants” – A congregational Lenten gathering hymn, featured in the WLP 2018 Sing the Seasons.

ocpwlpOCP, 2016, “Deep River” – An SATB a cappella choral arrangement (with solo) of the familiar African-American spiritual.

ocpwlpWLP, 2015, “The Lord is My Shepherd” – An SATB choral setting of Psalm 23 with piano accompaniment and 2 C-instrument parts.

ocpwlpGIA, 2015, “An Advent Fantasia” – An SATB choral piece with piano and obbligato instrument for Advent, or as a Christmas Eve Prelude.

ocpwlpWLP, 2014, “Gather at the Cross” — A congregational piece in litany form for Good Friday adoration of the cross, featured at the NPM 2015 Convention and WLP 2015 Sing the Seasons.

ocpFACR, 2011, “Psalms for All Seasons” — A congregational setting of Psalm 31 (“I Give My Spirit,” see below) by me and Shannon Cerneka is included.

ocpGIA, 2009, “Cross Generation” — A song book intended for all ages, for worship and catechesis — 11 songs from “Walk Away Different” (see below) are included.
ocpwlpGIA, 2009, “Walk Away Different” — A guitar/choral collection of 16 songs under the name Oddwalk Ministries (by me, by Shannon Cerneka, or by us both).
— At Your Name (SC)
— Bless the Lord, My Soul (Psalm 103) (SC&OJ)
— My Name is I AM (OJ)
— Lord, I Thank You (Psalm 138) (SC)
— Let Us Go Rejoicing (Psalm 122) (OJ)
— Show Us the Way (SC&OJ)
— Get It Together (SC, arr. OJ & Gary Daigle)
— For All Time (SC&OJ)
— Share (OJ)
— To Know Darkness (OJ)
— I Give My Spirit (Psalm 31) (SC&OJ)
— Come to Me (SC)
— This is the Day (Psalm 118) (SC&OJ)
— I Love You, Lord, My Strength (Psalm 18) (SC&OJ)
— In My Heart (OJ)
— We Will Go, Lord (SC&OJ)


“Commercial” Recordings, most recent at the top:

ocpTMP, 2018, Hachnasat Orchim — a song of welcome in the collection “Chazak V’Ematz; Jewish Songs of Protest and Hope”
ocpFACR, 2011, “Psalms for All Seasons” — A congregational setting of Psalm 31 (“I Give My Spirit,” see above) by me and Shannon Cerneka is included
ocpGIA, 2009, “Alright Now” — A collection of 13 fun, participatory songs under the name Oddwalk Ministries (mostly by me, by Shannon Cerneka, or by us both)
— Chickenwire Joe (SC)
— Dance in the Sight of the Lord (SC)
— Just Because You Can (SC&OJ)
— Jesus is Here (SC&OJ)
— Let the Children Come to Me (SC)
— May God Bless and Keep You (SC&OJ)
— Oh, St. Joseph (SC&OJ)
— Teenagers in My Car (SC&OJ)
— Old Irish Blessing (OJ)
— The Cubs Song (SC)
— Matilda the Gorilla (Mary Rice Hopkins)
— These Are the Chords to Every Christian Song I Know (SC)
— Jammin’ With Jesus (SC)

ocpGIA, 2007, “Walk Away Different” — A collection of 16 songs under the name Oddwalk Ministries (by me, by Shannon Cerneka, or by us both, see above)